My Story

Thank you for stopping in & taking the time to read my story.   My Scentsy story began before I even laid eyes on the product in person.  Being a Consultant of any kind had never even occured to me until a couple friends started up with a different company.  I'm a WAHM and I decided it would be fun to have my own business to work my brain while at home.  I hadn't even heard of Scentsy, but had seen something about it on a  friends facebook page and in my computer browsing while looking for different DS companies it had also popped up.   So I did some detective work and did lots of reading on different companies and realized that Scentsy was the one that stood out for me. When my starter kit arrived was the first time I has seen Scentsy products in person and knew I had found a great product!  I LOVE being involved with Scentsy as a business and I LOVE my Team!  I LOVE what Scentsy stands for and the generosity is amazing!  I'm excited to be able to be home with girls and my house smells wonderful too, which is just an added bonus (big smile).  I have my Scentsy on all day every day and I really enjoy coming home and relaxing to what ever scent I feel like that day.  My girls are my little Scentsy helpers and each have their own Scentsy in their rooms too!   MY SCENTSY NEWS: *NEW CATALOG!!!  New Scents, Warmers, Buddies, Body Products, Combine & Saves! *Want to get in on the exciting new opportunities coming up with Scentsy?  Email me and we can chat about it and get all your questions answered! * I'm happy to share with you each month my personal specials & deals.  Email me for details. *Monthly Scent & Warmer of the month always at a 10% discount.  See the "home" page for pictures and descriptions.  *Check out the "Close-Out" section often as there are always great deals there! If you are interested in any of the above or would like to see what the warmers look like, then please click on "BUY" and you can see the products.  If you feel more comfortable emailing me what you want or with any questions, then click on "contact me" under my profile picture on the "home" page and I will be happy to help you or email directly to   Please check out my facebook page:  Jeanna Brooke, Independent Scentsy Family Consultant and click 'like' at the top and you can check out all my news, pictures & keep up to date with me (big smile).  I love sharing Scentsy!     <!--endbody-->